June 3, 2021


“Your mind will naturally gravitate towards the negative. Start becoming deliberate and intentional about living a positive, purpose-filled life so that you can have the joy and fulfillment that you dream of. ” - Germany Kent

It is my sincere hope that the above headline will be a wake-up call to many, as it is very important to live a Purpose-Filled Life. When someone is able to answer that question, it sets the course for their life’s journey. The earlier it is answered, the better. This world is filled with DRIFTERS and when you are a drifter, you are a victim of negative forces. There is an old saying that the devil finds work for idle hands. A mind is a powerful tool that should not be wasted.

A purpose-driven life begins with accountability to the Creator and a commitment to live exemplary lives. We sit and wonder why so much violence exists in our society today. The simple fact is that a majority of parents in this generation have failed to provide attention and care to the development of their children. It is not simply parenting, it is all about the values that are instilled in the children, and support from family members. In times past, grandparents dedicated their lives to bringing up their grandchildren. The argument of a single parent was not an issue, children were brought up learning life principles, such as Honesty is the Best Policy, and Manners maketh Man. Words like respect, decency, politeness, God-fearing, etc. were rooted in the minds of children from an early age.

I am hopeful that in spite of developments in other countries, we will continue to have prayers in schools in St. Lucia. Business meetings and social gatherings used to commence with a prayer. It was never omitted because someone with the fear of God was always around to give a timely reminder. However, when I actively participated in Associations, I heard members demanding that prayers be discontinued in future gatherings. I can only imagine that in these days, many agendas do not include prayers. Be careful what you wish for. In this short column, there isn’t enough space to enter into a discussion as to the possible reason/s why persons might have taken such a position. However, even if prayer was no longer acceptable, I believe that it should have been replaced with a Declaration of Purpose or something that will lift the spirits of persons present. Whether we like it or not, there must be a higher being – a supernatural force. Being an Atheist, Agnostic, Evolutionist, or whatever you choose to call yourself, you are not in control of your fate. The end result is that in cases when prayers were discontinued and were not replaced with anything, we are left with nothing to lift our spirits. We are almost stripped of our values, but still, we desire to live in an orderly society where persons are respectful, decent, law-abiding, along with all things that are loving and peaceful. Are these things possible in today’s reality? I believe they are. Let us bring back the good old days with the values that made life worth living. Our leaders at all levels of society will have to be courageous, and institute measures that will bring about a reversal in the attitudes and behaviours of our citizens – young and old alike.

There has never been a greater need for storytellers in our midst who will be bold enough to look backward, assess where we are today, and what the future holds going forward, spelling out the alternatives of what will happen if nothing is done, as against if something is done. The present situation regarding the behaviour of our citizens, especially the youth is a reason for concern and demands urgent attention and action. It is necessary for everyone to do their share of making St. Lucia the island State, where our people are friendly and law-abiding, and visitors to the island can feel safe and enjoy themselves. The need to secure the future of the youth and the tourism industry has never been greater. Our Psychologists, Sociologists, Behavioural Scientists, and related professionals should all spring into action to help with the current situation. The solution is to get citizens to live purposeful lives that will redound to the social, cultural, and economic wellbeing of the nation.

Take a few minutes to answer this question – What is your purpose in life?

Let us pray for the intervention of our Creator in removing the scourge of violence that is plaguing our island. Keep the faith, help is on the way. Let us continue to dream big, and expect daily miracles.

Stay safe!

Edward Harris

Freelance Journalist/Realtor/Business Consultant

Email: eaharrisdestiny@gmail.com

Website: https://stluciagreatpropertydeals.com


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