July 15, 2021


Matthew 6:33 “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”

Saint Lucia’s General Elections Campaign 2021 is very much advanced at the moment with candidates of all political parties contesting for the hearts and minds of the electorate. Each politician needs to be at the top of the minds of their constituents. The contest is fierce, and at this time everyone who registered on nomination day is a winner, at least in their mind. This is going to be a hectic ride for the next nine days as politicians race to the polls.

Let us not forget that regardless of whatever need there is to participate in mass crowds, we must remember that the world continues to be under the COVID 19 pandemic siege. Ensure at all times when out of your residence that you wear a mask. Continue to wash/sanitise your hands and as far as practicable maintain social distancing. Do all that is necessary to stay safe and encourage your family and friends to do the same.

Now, to the business of this week’s column. I keep listening to hear the voices of influence in our society. We, of simple minds, are looking for our influencers to give us guidance through these moments of decision. The noises are deafening when it comes to which party will serve the nation best as a government. Both major parties feel very confident about their victory at the polls.

The Green Party must be congratulated for their efforts, although not fielding candidates in all seventeen constituencies. Small parties have to be consistent and in some cases trying many times before limited success is achieved, ending in a coalition with an established party. Independent candidates have not been successful in the main. However, it appears that the tide may change on this occasion with two independent candidates who seem very likely to cross the finishing line.

The print, visual, and social media are ablaze with wishful thinking, in some cases promoting the impossible. It is necessary that all Bible-believing Christians seek guidance from the Almighty to direct their decision-making when it comes to marking their ballot on the day of elections. These elections will be won based on the will of our Creator concerning his disciples. Prayers will move mountains and his people will be granted the desires of their hearts. Saint Lucia is not only beautiful but blessed. Sunday, the 25th of July, 2021 should be designated a national day of prayer. Instead of jumping in the streets, we need to call upon Yahweh’s intervention in our affairs. He is able.

I listen to all the parties as candidates present their platform to the nation. I have a fair idea of the promises that are made in this election cycle. The party that promises to provide an inclusive government has my ears. For too long our country has been divided. It is time for all our citizens to unite for the good of the country. This position can be achieved if the party which forms the next government invites members of other parties/independent candidates to be a part of their cabinet. I have faith that this suggestion will be adopted sooner rather than later. I am reminded about the power of Local Government in grooming young politicians where the process will be opened up to persons who wish to render their services to members of their community and the nation as a whole.

I still continue to see the possibility of a two-thirds majority in the next parliament. Next week, I will make my final declaration on the possible outcome of the elections.

I pray that as the date for general elections draws nigh that peace will prevail and voters are respectful of each other.

Keep the Faith, expect miracles, and our Creator will work all things together for good.

Stay safe!

Edward Harris

Freelance Journalist/Realtor/Business Consultant

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