September 9, 2021


“I don’t know if what I’m afraid of is the state of the world. Rather, I think what I’m afraid of is the state of my attitude about the state of the world.” ― Craig D. Lounsbrough

Politicians in the lower and upper houses of parliament in our beloved island state, Saint Lucia are busy working on behalf of their citizens in an effort to take action that will bring about progress and deal with pressing issues of the moment. However, there will always be those, who will seek to derail the train of progress.

The detractors are at their best these days. Let no one prevent you from getting ahead with doing things that are necessary to realise your objectives in life. Good will always be good, and the truth will always set us free.

Reset your life, follow the science, get vaccinated and stop putting your life on hold. The world is not waiting on you. You have to do whatever it takes to ensure that life is productive. Stop listening to the naysayers; we continue to live in a dynamic world. “There is nothing to fear but fear itself.” Put on a positive attitude. Be an actor on the world’s stage. Put some excitement in your life. Dress up, make yourself attractive, even now, you can still live your best life.

No one should put their life on hold – waiting for COVID 19 to end. Get vaccinated and get on with your business. Follow your leaders in all areas of human endeavour as they strive to execute their responsibilities. Work harder than you ever did before. The world is moving ahead, millionaires and billionaires are on the rise. Persons operating in the Crypto space are pointing to unprecedented gains in the future. There is money to be made everywhere.

Dubai is currently hosting a series of international Trade Exhibitions. Governments and Entrepreneurs will be flocking to these events. COVID 19 has not prevented the exhibitions from taking place. Deals are being made and every participant is looking to the future to preserve and grow their business, and ultimately their country’s economy.

The time has come for all persons involved in ensuring that we build back better to make a commitment to give of their best in whatever field they are engaged. Do not be a bystander; I challenge you to be an active participant. Fresh ideas must be encouraged. Our brightest and best minds must be put to work. No resource, human or otherwise must be left untapped. Every opportunity must be sought to put idle hands to works. The first task of our leaders must be to motivate their fellow citizens to be the best they can be.

Our citizens are currently preoccupied with discussions about COVID 19, and the state of the economy. Very soon, the next hot topic will be JOBS. We will need to revisit Old Ideas, and introduce Fresh ones that are fuelled by CREATIVITY. We must find ways of bringing our thinkers together to explore possibilities to motivate and empower our people. I humbly suggest that these THINK TANKS must not be limited to the established associations only but to encourage Open FORA islandwide. It is important to plan from the ground up. The needs are best known to the people on the ground. It should be interesting to note that in many instances, they can provide the solutions.

It is not easy, but doable, with our eyes fixed on our Creator, he will lift us up. It will not be done by persons who are willing to stand by and let others do for them what they should be doing for themselves. Put your creative mind to work. Don’t go looking for a job, create a job. Establish a group of persons who are unemployed and brain storm. Be hungry for change and financial empowerment.

Let us be mindful of what we do today. Whatever that is within our power to do for yourselves and others – do it. There is overwhelming evidence that COVID 19 Vaccines save lives. Get vaccinated, and continue to wash your hands, wear masks and maintain social distancing. Observing the Protocols is the right thing to do. Just follow the Science and live life to the full. Putting your life on hold is not an option.

Stay safe, stay home. Keep the faith, Yahweh is in charge. We shall overcome.

Edward Harris

Freelance Journalist/Realtor/Business Consultant

Facebook: www.facebook.com/eaharrisdestiny

Email: eaharrisdestiny@gmail.com

Website: https://stluciagreatpropertydeals.com




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