December 29, 2021


“An optimist stays up until midnight to see the new year in. A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves.” — William E. Vaughan

The year 2021 is racing to its end as fast as a Sprinter running towards the finishing line. Most persons cannot wait to see the back of 2021. It has been a terrible year for many individuals and families. Looking back to the last quarter of 2021, just when we were getting ready to enjoy the Festive Season with family and friends, OMICRON came bursting through the clouds and now threatens to be the most pressing issue in 2022.

It is now abundantly clear that COVID 19 will be with us for some time to come. No one can predict when this pandemic will end. We are well aware of the saying “this too shall pass” which has been proven many times before. While we cannot ignore the impact of the pandemic on our society, the time has come for us to stand up and do whatever is necessary to coexist with COVID 19 and its variants. We welcome 2022 with open arms, adopting a new mindset that will remove all fear from our minds and set us on a path to living cautiously while doing all things necessary to provide for ourselves, our families, and contribute to the national economy.

The year 2022 will be one of great achievements regardless of the pandemic. In the past year, the insistence of people to be responsible for their own destiny has gotten louder as many refuse to be dictated to, even if it is for their own benefit. All governments are struggling to convince a substantial portion of their population that Vaccination is necessary to reduce hospitalisation and deaths. It is evident that Entrepreneurs are definitely not sitting back and waiting for the pandemic to go away; they are advancing their businesses with cutting edge innovation and state of the art technology that will respond to the challenges of the third decade of the 21st century. While these are difficult times, they are also exciting times, when the winners everywhere continue to celebrate with the popping of the best quality of champagne.

There are many instances when I can hardly recognise that there is a health crisis in the world as I watch cable television. Governments continue to govern and business executives forge ahead with their businesses to generate profits for their shareholders. While there has been a number of high-profile deaths during 2021, many of the deceased were advanced in age. We are yet to hear about current high-profile government officials and executives falling prey to the virus. The few leaders who have suffered from COVID 19 bounced back and resumed service to their citizens. It is a well-established fact that we can surely coexist with the virus if we follow the science. Even President Donald Trump is now openly supportive of vaccination. Life goes on.

Barbados is now blazing the trail under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Mia Mottley who did not stop at making Barbados a Republic in 2021 but has gone on to call general elections for the 19th of January, 2022 with the hope of forming the next government with a substantial majority of citizens solidly behind her. Her performance over the past three and a half years has been nothing but excellent at home and abroad. It is my firm belief that her male counterparts in the region are taking note. We can expect a series of new initiatives that are likely to transform the social and economic landscape of the territories in CARICOM as a whole and the OECS in particular.

I can see prosperity in the future for all St. Lucians as we come to the end of the second quarter of 2022. To achieve this goal, we must be disciplined and must conform to the instructions of our Government, follow the curfew schedules and adhere to the protocols.

Finally, let us give thanks to Yahweh for bringing us to the dawn of a new year. I wish my fellow Saint Lucians, a Happy and Prosperous New Year! Blessings!

Edward Harris

Freelance Journalist/Realtor/Business Consultant





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