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January 12, 2023


“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”—Walt Disney

It is two weeks into the New Year already and time is definitely not waiting on anyone. Are you doing what you resolved to do in 2023? Regardless of the signs, stick with your resolutions. Your contribution can be a source of inspiration to others. Apart from your personal goals, there are external factors that will impact your world. You must be ready to face reality.

Do you see what I see? I would have loved to report that I see positive advances being made in our world in 2023, especially in the United States of America from where the world takes its queue. Yes, the eyes of the world are on the United States of America, which in spite of its myriad of problems remains the bastion of democracy. Just days into the new term in the House of Congress, it is already evident that chaos will reign. The new GOP Speaker, Congressman Rep. Kevin McCarthy fought his way into the position of Speaker with the worst deal ever. Rep. McCarthy agreed to restore the threshold on the motion to vacate the chair so that any one member may initiate the parliamentary procedure. It seems that he is out before he is in.

Just days into the life of the new Congress, Republicans are lining up charges against President Biden. The most recent is that he has in his possession classified documents since he was Vice President under President Obama. The Biden family is going to be involved in the most engaged issues over the next two years. The reason the people sent Republicans to congress is long forgotten. It is all about President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden. They are likely to involve other Bidens as well. The people’s business will suffer, and all the work that was started in the last Congress under the Democrats will draw to a halt. Maybe, the voters will be smart enough to see, finally what the new Republicans are all about and sweep them out of office in 2024.

I am visiting relatives and friends in Guyana and getting a feel of things in Guyana. The weather has not been kind to the citizens and those of us who seek to enjoy some of the good old Guyanese hospitality. It is my sincere hope that the weather will give us a break to enjoy the beauty of Guyana, and the construction sector will be able to advance the developments that are taking place. Budget Debate is scheduled to commence on January 16, and one thing is certain that the explosive expansion taking place in all sectors of the economy in Guyana will continue. So much is happening in Guyana and members of the Diaspora are being encouraged to return and assist in the development and expansion that is currently taking place. 

There has not been a lot of movement among St. Lucian Entrepreneurs towards reaching out to their Guyanese counterparts and getting involved in the several investment opportunities currently available. I will not sit by and do nothing. Many St. Lucians have the ability to invest and do business in Guyana. Before leaving St. Lucia, I reached out to Mr. Lokesh Singh, Honorary Counsel for Guyana to Saint Lucia, seeking his collaboration in organising a Business Mission to Guyana within the first quarter of 2023. We collaborated in two successful Business Missions to Guyana in the past which coincided with GUYEXPO and we are ready to do it again. Stay tuned. 

There are many lessons to be learnt from several events of last year, especially in areas of investment. My recommendation is simple. Do not be turned off because of the ruthless behaviour of some who fell to the temptation of wanton greed. Investment is good for you to create generational wealth. Be cautious. Be careful who you listen to. Run away from endorsements by celebrities. In most instances, they are paid actors. Do not go overboard falling victim to their hype. Get in on the ground floor with an investment of no more than one thousand USD at any time in a single project unless you are a professional investor. Be careful who you listen to. We are told that stocks are for the long haul. In today’s world there is no guarantee, do not get greedy. You must know when to quit, at least take out your investment and some profits at the soonest, as sometimes stocks mature quickly. Those persons who are interested in investing should read up on the subject.

I am trying not to think about another virus. COVID 19 took its toll on us. We are still shaken by it and its variants. The new Omicron variant is trying to establish itself. Let us play our part by adopting prevention methods and trying to apply self- discipline, even if it means putting back on our masks, staying 6 feet apart, and washing/sanitising our hands. Let us do everything within our power to stay alive. 

Stay safe, stay healthy, and be blessed. 

Edward Harris
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