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January 25, 2023


“We improved the environment in which our children live, learn and play by decreasing crime and clamping down on abuse and violence in the home and on the streets.” – Author: Jane D. Hull

We can no longer sit back and say that crimes that are being committed in our communities today, will not happen to us tomorrow. It is time to take a stand at the personal, community, and national levels. Are the voices of disgust loud enough to tell those who are bent on committing crimes to stop? These activities are non-productive and only act as deterrents to the progress of the nation.

It is for the foregoing reason that I am fully convinced that those of us who have a voice of reasoning should speak out now before it is too late. We must come together in this moment of crisis and let our collective voices be heard. We tend to be at our loudest in the political affairs of our nation. That same level of energy is needed for the fight against crime. Fighting Crime is Everybody’s Business.

I declared in my first column for 2023, that this is the year of Revival and it will necessitate applying Flexibility and Adjustment in our lives. However, even at this early stage in the year, there is a sense of optimism as I speak with various persons about the state of business and the economy. However, it is my sincere wish that we manage the health issues that are emerging with the Omicron variant, and China’s outbreak.

Our Government is leading the charge for moving ahead with the calendar of events as existed prior to COVID 19. Nobel Laureates’ Month is currently being observed, and the JAZZ and ARTS Festival has been brought back and scheduled for May. This is welcoming news for all the Jazz Fans who missed this activity in recent years. Let the fun begin. I feel compelled to add ABUNDANCE to REVIVAL. It is very likely that 2023 could well be a year of REVIVAL & ABUNDANCE.

We do not operate in a vacuum. We live in an interdependent world and I cannot, but revisit the political activities in the United States of America as new development unfold. It was Presidents Trump’s and Biden’s dealings with the classified documents, and now Vice President Pence has joined the list of persons with these documents at their homes. There should be a national amnesty allowing US government officials to submit all such documents in their possession within 60 days.

The appointment and removal of Congressmen and women from highly sensitive committees is another matter of concern. Then there is the looming issue of the debt ceiling which is likely to happen sometime between June and July this year but can come sooner. The question is will House Speaker Kevin McCarthy be around at that time? His position is shaky, to say the least; every day brings new problems his way.

Gun violence in the USA is raging. It seems as though the slightest argument necessitates the use of a gun. There are more guns than citizens in the USA. The pre-occupation in guns and the support of the National Rifle Association is causing havoc in the USA. Politicians across the aisle must take a stand to save lives, and enact legislation that will bring about a change in how citizens can gain access to guns. The current process to acquire a firearm licence is too simple. There should be background checks on every individual seeking to acquire a firearm licence. Rigid control must be exercised over manufacturers, sellers, and buyers of guns.

The Caribbean continues to be a zone of peace, even though this is currently being threatened. If there is one thing we should preserve, it is our peaceful status. We should not allow that peace to be affected by crime and violence. This is the time for all citizens of goodwill to take a stand or forever hold our peace.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and be blessed.

Edward Harris
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