An Early December, 2006 Date Possible for St. Lucia Elections!!!

October 25, 2006

Edward Harris At Large

An Early December, 2006 Date Possible for St. Lucia Elections!!!

There has never been a livelier political campaign than this time around when for months now, candidates were being launched and there are still more to come. Maybe at the end, this could also be the most expensive of campaigns to be mounted in St. Lucia. The launching of candidates is intensifying as the announcement of election date looms. An early December date could well be on the cards. On the last occasion it was the 3rd of December, 2001.

It is interesting to note that while there is a hive of political activity in the country, it is still business as usual due to the heavy demands placed upon the private sector, not only to provide accommodation but also goods and services. Everyone is racing against the clock to be ready to deliver on the promise of the region’s leaders to make CWC 2007 the best Cricket World Cup ever. It is truly an exciting period to be in St. Lucia and I would like to encourage St. Lucians and friends of St. Lucia to visit the week of elections and experience democracy in action. Democracy’s principal objective should be to deliver a Government that reflects the will of the people – every time.

The build up to Elections in the Caribbean is all about supporters having great fun and traveling into the various areas of to country meeting old friends and sharing their views on how the campaign is headed and who should be a candidate and who shouldn’t. But the interesting part is when two persons on opposing sides meet to discuss the politics of the day. Some claim that it is too close to call and some claim it will be 12-5 but when it is declared in favour of the SLP, the opposing side claims that it will be in the reverse.

Bro. George Odlum used to say, you have to keep your ears to the ground. I try to keep my ears to the ground and it is amazing how some people have declared the winning party already. Many people genuinely feel that the United Workers Party (UWP) could win this election but the incumbent is confident of a victory for a third term. The incumbent St. Lucia Labour Party (SLP) has a formidable team of young professionals. Agriculture is at the heart of the debate and it should be noted that it is on the front burner of the only Independent Candidate – Mr. Patrick H. Joseph’s campaign. If agriculture is to be given any prominence or put another way, if the electorate buy into the proposition that Agriculture is still a viable sector, the UWP has credible candidates who are directly involved in Agriculture to make their case. But if on the other hand, the electorate buys into the gains of the tourism sector in recent years and that agriculture is on a downward slide, then the SLP is well ahead.

Looking at the constituencies, the toss ups seem to be between Dr. Vaughan Lewis – SLP and Hon. Richard Frederick – UWP for the Castries Central seat and His Excellency Julian R. Hunte – SLP and Senator Leonard Montoute – UWP for Gros Islet. There are seventeen constituencies. The SLP has won the last two elections, 1997 when they came into office with a 16-1 majority and in 2001with a 14-3 majority. A win for the UWP will demand a minimum of 6 additional seats.
It is also interesting to note that Hon. Damian Greaves has moved from Dennery South to Dennery North leaving behind what is considered a safe seat to do battle with Hon. Marcus Nicholas who currently holds the seat and is the Leader of the Opposition in Parliament.

The battle for the hearts and minds of St. Lucians though it has already begun, will be fast forwarded upon the announcement of the Election Date. The final furlong will be fast, especially in the closing moments as they head to the polls. Whatever the combination, the forecast must be accurate with a WIN ONLY bet.
Until the winner is at the finishing line when all the ballots are counted and duly declared anyone who ventures to suggest a winner will have to given a word from the Lord.

Keep the Faith, God is in Charge! It will all be known in due course.

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