There is Never a Dull Moment in St. Lucia!!

October 25, 2006

Edward Harris At Large!

There is Never a Dull Moment in St. Lucia!!

Just about when I was beginning to feel that there will be a calm before the storm as it relates to non political activities, and I had to sit back and wait until the Christmas Holidays for some real entertainment, up comes the Food and Rum Festival which will be followed by the Kalalu Creole Festival and already I am hearing Christmas Carols. People really happy in St. Lucia – St. Lucia Nice! It is reasonable therefore to suggest that even if you argue that the events are controlled and all businesses will not share in the pie, you cannot argue that money is not in the economy. If not, then, how are the people patronizing the various events?

Creativity, new ideas are what will make the difference. Look at the events and projects that are making money. Money is being made by Entrepreneurs who are willing to think out of the box, build relationships and take risks. Look what is happening in the Rodney Bay area. The Village concept is taking roots, thanks to the tireless efforts of Mr. Allen Chastanet, Managing Director of Coco Resorts and current President of the St. Lucia Hotel and Tourism Association. It is in giving that you receive and those who are joining in the efforts of this young visionary in the tourism sector can only share in the benefits to be derived from their combined efforts. I can’t help but congratulate the hoteliers who came together to make the recently concluded CEMEx Conference, the success it was.

Politics is not taking away this time from the business of the country as apart from elections, the business sector is being driven by the demands of Cricket World Cup 2007 for accommodation and other services. It is a great time to be alive and those of us who refuse to roll over and die but rather seek to enjoy life to the full are going to be having the time of our lives between now and May 31, 2007. Long life is truly a blessing and if the Lord is gracious to you with good health, there are many things which you thought to be impossible will be revealed before your eyes. St. Lucia is in full bloom.

The only sector that is falling behind is agriculture and it is because it lacks entrepreneurship. Many years ago I suggested that a package of incentives be given to the Agricultural Sector that will attract Entrepreneurs to get involved in Agriculture. There are so many exotic fruits that could be grown in St. Lucia. Carambola (the Star Fruit/Five Finger) is one such fruit. Another problem is that our people must begin to eat more of what we produce – fresh fruits and vegetables. Eating healthy should be a theme that will create demand for locally grown agricultural crops. Eating right with necessary exercise can reduce stress; prevent/control high blood pressure and diabetes. I provided my readers with an article on the health benefits of Bananas some time ago and in another article I discussed the promotion of the fruit so that citizens and visitors will eat more bananas. An important point I made is that bananas should be served in all hotels and on every outbound flight from St. Lucia.

The issue of the WTO and our not being able to ban or restrict products from external sources is always suggested as an hindrance to the viability of locally produced products but what is not being discussed is role of the consumer to switch to locally produced products. Buy Local Campaign must be an everyday affair, not only done at certain time as a promotion. BUY LOCAL promotion must be sustained, as everyday producers are providing products for sale to consumers. “Support Local, Buy Local” should be the theme. NTN should be pushing Buy Local programmes continuously on their television station and the local media should be encouraged to participate.

As usual I like to keep my readers up to date on information that crosses my desk from the Internet. I do hope you are getting cheaper airfares for your business and vacation travel since my last article, and this week I am sharing with you 50 Manuals of various projects both in the areas of production and services. Check them out at On a final note, if you are serious about staying ahead of breaking news in business and professions, join

Keep the faith, God is in Charge!

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