April 11, 2006



The headline is exactly how Ms. Merle Donawa introduced PRO TRAVEL NETWORK to a group of St. Lucian Realtors at the Bay Gardens Hotel, Rodney Bay on 2/4/07. Ms. Donawa was very much at home when she addressed the Realtors having owned a REMAX Franchise in Canada for eighteen years, which she sold last year but remains active in the industry.

Some months ago in one of my articles, I referred to the need for Caribbean Entrepreneurs to maintain a USA Street and mailing address, and a bank account. A Pay Pal account should also be included as many Internet offers can only be settled by a Pay Pal account. Entrepreneurs must be ready to take advantage of opportunities that will assist them to earn extra income or save money. The Travel Industry is one such opportunity. Unfortunately, you must have US supporting qualifications. In today’s world MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME is very necessary, especially when you operate in small States like St. Lucia. The Internet affords every businessperson to go global. When you operate an Internet business, the world is your market.

The Travel Industry is no longer only driven by Internet bookings but has gone MLM and that is where average persons with the right connections can get into the business with a lap top or desk top computer for under US$500.00. But the reason why you are reading this article is that I was shocked to learn that within a short period without any further investment, just meeting a few simple requirements, you can qualify for an IATA ID card. Persons who travel can now be selective about where they stay because by actively participating in the network you will make money on bookings for Airline Travel, Cruises, Vacation Packages, Attractions, Casino Tours, Car Rental, and Discounts on your personal travel and accommodation like any IATA Agent who owns a travel agency. Visit and get the information that will set you on a course to personal savings in travel and related services. You can have your own home based travel business.

It is time that we accept that the only constant is change. We are waking up everyday to changes to the way we know many things to be. Some things take longer to change than others but the Entrepreneur must constantly be on the look out for breaking news as it relates to new business developments and possible new products and services that will keep him/her in the forefront. More of our Entrepreneurs need to be trend setters and not merely followers. Even if you must follow, you should be a leader in your territory. It is still very easy to secure opportunities to represent extra regionally based corporations throughout the region.

I missed my deadline last week but I made the effort and you can catch up on my last article at I hope you had an enjoyable Easter and you are now spiritually refreshed, knowing that Jesus lives and because He lives you can face tomorrow.

Cricket World Cup 2007 is not turning out the way many West Indians would have liked. Our last glimmer of hope faded with the West Indies team saying goodbye to the tournament. Is sorry enough? Our true legacy of winning the series is lost. West Indies would have been the team of the series with constant replay for 4 years. That is behind us and in true Caribbean style, it is back to business as usual and failures of the W.I. team will soon be forgotten. This too shall pass.

After a wonderful holiday respite, we returned to the hustling of bustling of making two ends meet only to be shocked by the news that St. Lucia has the highest incidents per capita of DIABETES in the world. That is frightening, there will be so much disruption to the lives of our people. What can we do about it? There are two choices that are obvious, view the information as simply statistics and ignore the fact that actual screening of persons revealed that Diabetes is on the rise among people of all ages in St. Lucia or do something about it. Put the media to work in a very sustained manner in directing people to the steps that can be taken to improve their situation as it related to the illness. From all the information I have received, Diabetes is manageable and can be prevented. We need to start a massive Diabetes Prevention Campaign. It is necessary to drive home the need for healthy foods. Many of the foods we eat are not good for us. The truth must be told.

The one man army of Dr Almus Mc Dowell must be supported and new recruits added. It is very simple to attack the problem if we consider it serious enough. My solution is to put the media to work. Tell the people in simple language what to eat and what to stay away from. It is said that “you are what you eat”. At a certain stage in life, you have to ignore many of the things you once craved for. It is unfortunate that many persons will do nothing about correcting their situations and adopt the position of my grandfather “you eat, you dead, you don’t eat, you dead, so eat and dead”. He lived up to the ripe old age of 91 but there were other things going for those old folks that are absent today. They ate organic fruits and vegetables, slept early, exercise a lot by the very nature of their work, stress was not a problem and life was easy. Times have changed and so must we. The private health care system must be expanded and companies seeking to provide health care services should be assisted by the Government in the form of grants and special loan assistance. Liberty Nursing & Support Services International (LNSI Centre) located in Marisule is one such local organization making a serious effort to provide health care and should be encouraged.

In the meantime, Keep the Faith, God is in Charge and do Expect Miracles in 2007!

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