June 16, 2010

Edward Harris At Large!


It was a very emotional feeling to watch my son Edward Harris Jr. who was born in St. Lucia walk away with the prize money – US$10,000.00, after competing against 3 other chefs on the CHOPPED Show on Food Network Television last Thursday night.

Edward Harris Jr. was born in Cedars, St. Lucia and lived in Barbados, Guyana, Grenada and Jamaica before returning to St. Lucia to finish his secondary education at Micoud Secondary School and Charter House in Micoud. He last lived with his father in Black Bay, Vieux Fort before leaving for New York, USA where he completed High School and moved on to the Art Institute where he graduated in 2001.

In a few short years, Ed Harris Jr. put together a substantial portfolio which earned him the position of Sous Chef at the La Jealousie Plantation in Soufriere where he had a short stint and opted to return to New York. Prior to his St. Lucia stint, he worked as Sous Chef for Michael’s Restaurant between Fifth and Sixth Avenue on Broadway where celebrity guests included President Bill Clinton. From humble beginnings, Edward Harris Jr. continues to make St. Lucia and his parents proud. At age 30 he is well advanced in his career. You are invited to check him out at: Sous Chef – Buddakan, NYC. Email:

The following is the outline of the competition:
In the Appetizer Basket A super bitter ingredient left the chefs in a quandary and the judges with a sour first impression.
In the Entrée Round, filleting and cooking turbot correctly became the key to the chefs’ success.
When the two finalists came up with the same idea for their English Muffin desserts, it was anybody’s guess whose will taste better. And the winner was – Ed Harris Jr.

I learned a few lessons in dealing with children especially what dries them. At a very tender age, I couldn’t keep Eddie out of the kitchen. Apart from being afraid that he would have burnt himself, I really wanted him to be a fashion designer, At Micoud Secondary, he was the only male student who did sewing primarily because I insisted. Going to live in NY, he took advantage of every opportunity that placed him in front of a stove. When your children insist on a vocational path, follow them – don’t try to lead them. If your child is natural with his left hand, don’t try to change it to right. Let the creative energies emerge. Many of the jobs that were considered lack luster are now emerging as the better paying jobs with great lifestyle. As an Executive Chef, he/she could be flying in private jet and living the life of the rich and famous. Let your children find their way and only jump in if necessary when guidance is needed. Feel free to offer an opinion but never – it’s your way or no way. A children must be allowed to follow their dreams. When a dream is followed, the child is very likely to succeed and possibly excel.

Our young people need shoulders to lean on; they can be good citizens that will make us all proud. Let the adults be listening mentors, willing to understand the urges of the young people, monitoring their progress. Let us seek to bring out the best in our young people. Challenge them to do better. Give them opportunities to express themselves.

The issue of CRIME continues to be on the front burner. Young people destroying their lives, let us show them a better way. Those who are in positions to help by sharing ideas and pointing to productive ways of beneficial engagement in society should seize the moment. Rehabilitation of prisoners; expose them to opportunities during their period of incarceration. There must be ways that will enhance the quality of life beyond the prison walls. There will have to be – the things I used to do, I do them no more stories, told by prisoners. In reality a reformed prisoner must reject the past and live his dream of being a good citizen with the opportunity to prosper and share his experiences.

The tents are heating up. It’s Carnival Season – Enjoy!

Keep the Faith, God is in Charge, Dream Big and expect Daily Miracles!

Edward Harris
Biblicist, Freelance Journalist, Realtor, Business & PR Consultant
Websites: St. Lucia – Agent ECREDMC

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