June 25, 2010

Edward Harris At Large!


I am heartened by the many responses I received from my readers in relation to my last weekend article. Those who missed it can visit my archive at I am very happy for those who were blessed by it.

Internet communication is continuing to open up new opportunities and those who use this medium to communicate socially and for business will be this and future generations big winners. The effective use of the internet can bring a lot of success in business and pleasure. There are courses on using Social Networks like Linkedin, Myspace, Facebook and Twitter to name a few. There is no need to be intimidated by the awesome power of the internet. No business person should lack the ability to use the basic programmes on the internet such as Email, Word, and to use of search engines to surf the net for whatever information he/she needs.

Our professionals in leadership positions have no excuse in today’s world for lack of knowledge on any business related topic. I will like to see our media professionals finding opportunities to share websites of interest with their audiences. BBC and other American networks do it all the time. I learned about craigslist on one of the networks. Very few local companies promote their websites. Many individuals and businesses own websites but they just don’t promote them. It is a competitive world out there and unless you promote your business, customers will have a difficult time finding you. One of the popular skills today is the mastering of Search Engine Optimisation – SEO. There is an opportunity for individuals/companies to undertake website promotion and research. There should also be an annual competition for the Top 10 Websites of the Year. Everything should be done to encourage the effective use of internet in all its forms.

There is need for a driver to take the lead in the areas of Innovation and Technology. I called for a Ministry of Innovation and Technology. After no progress was made in that regard I called for a Secretariat of Innovation and Technology. All to no avail. How do we harness the potential of persons with the skills and no money? The way forward must be a competitive environment where ideas can compete and be implemented. We are not short of ideas but there needs to be persons who are willing to lead and those in authority to chart the course. There are lots of opportunities in E-book marketing on the internet. will make it a simple task to get your product marketed. There are a few good E-book courses on line. I will be producing three E-books this year. All already in manuscript form. If you have an interest in producing E-books, I will be pleased to share my experience in this area of activity with you. In this article I have pointed to two ICT related projects 1. Website Promotion and Research, and 2. E-book Production. “How To” E-books are making fortunes for many in the developed world.

The future lies in new ideas, new businesses. We have been hearing about Services as the new big thing. We have been warned about removal of preferential treatment, decline in the manufacturing sector, we were told enough to warn us that it will not be business as usual. We were told that we have to make paradigm shifts, we have to transition to a new economy, one based on services. The new economy is pushing professionals in the services sector to come together. The various sectors are now coming together under the umbrella of the Saint Lucia Coalition of Services Industries, Inc. and advances are being made to the point where certain professions can gain contracts in European States. The Global Village idea is now reality. What are we waiting for? Will someone in authority who can make it happen for the nation in establishing a platform for innovation and technology do something? ICT is one of the answers to our unemployment problems and I am not referring to call centres only, I am looking at the possibilities for putting real wealth into the hands of individuals.

I am tired; it doesn’t have to be this way. God, please send us a driver so that the potentials of our people young and old could be manifested.

Keep the Faith, God is in Charge, Dream Big and expect Daily Miracles!

Edward Harris
Biblicist, Freelance Journalist, Realtor, Business & PR Consultant
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