July 16, 2010

Harris At Large!


What a time of year and what a year it is. There is never a dull moment. The atmosphere is electrifying, everything is beautiful! St. Lucia nice! There is no better place to be at this time that right here in St. Lucia in spite of the economic pressures that are being experienced. Things are rough, the economy is further contracting. The projects that were expected to come on stream in the first quarter, didn’t come in the second but expectations remain high that something major will happen soon.

Carnival 2010 was a success in spite of the many set backs and lack of funding. It proves that once there is a will there will always be a way. What a ride it has been. If there was ever a need for a postmortem, it is on this occasion when every effort must be made to get Carnival right in 2011. It is definite that the Government will have to come to the table with a budgeted contribution that will allow for the level of success that is possible to achieve. Carnival is more than a Cultural event. It is an economic venture. The private sector must step up to the table and execute programmes that will give visibility to this very important event. The Cultural Development Foundation (CDF) should partner with firms and individuals throughout the year to produce programmes that will keep the momentum going.

The whole business of Carnival is linked to the entertainment industry in general and the music industry in particular. It is necessary that we do not lose track of our objective to put the music industry on a strong footing. There have been too many frustrations this season. However, some good things happened along the way and generally, lessons should be learnt.

Home Coming 2010 is well on the way and the planners are putting the final touches to the programme. The value of this event to the nation cannot be over emphasized. Getting St. Lucian to come home to see the developments at first hand is good for everyone. It will give those who have been away for a long period an idea of how far we have come and the sacrifices made by those of us who are left behind. Home Coming 2010 will open up opportunities for overseas based St. Lucians to make investments in their country and participate generally in all other aspects of life in St. Lucia. The Partnership Fair to be held at Beausejour, July 26-90, 2010 will expose visitors to products and services offered by local entrepreneurs. The sluggish Real Estate sector should get a boost as visitors seek to invest in ownership of a piece of the rock – Saint Lucia.

Something struck me in recent days. Former employees of Cable and Wireless have carved out a niche in the ICT sector and many of them have grown into entrepreneurs in their own right. This realization struck me when I attended a presentation by Cisco, a Fortune 500 company partnering with Converge Solutions to introduce cutting edge technology in Telephony, VOIP systems and other innovative technology to St. Lucians. There are many others and maybe C & W should highlight this success and share with other companies their experience on how they prepared their staff to transition from employees to employers.

There are some very creative businesses being introduced to the world. I was introduced to project a few days ago and I am still amazed at how creative some entrepreneurs could be. I invite you to visit

Lots of interesting things are happening, the Bay Walk Mega Mall is taking shape as shops are opening up and excitement is in the air. St. Lucia nice! I can’t wait for the casino to open its doors. I will arrange a few seminars on Black Jack and Slot Machines to teach the WINNING PROPOSITION!

Hope you had a memorable Carnival! St. Lucia nice! Let us show the world how to enjoy life in the midst in harsh economic times. See you at Home Coming 2010!

Keep the Faith, God is in Charge, Dream Big and expect Daily Miracles!

Edward Harris
Biblicist, Freelance Journalist, Realtor, Business & PR Consultant
Websites: St. Lucia – Agent ECREDMC

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