July 29, 2010

Harris At Large!


My grandfather used to say that long life is a blessing and you are likely to see things that you never though possible. I am glad that I lived long enough to witness what I always was thought was possible. I made several calls over the years for Entrepreneurs to share their knowledge so that the wider community of business persons could benefit. This is a time for collaboration. I wish to commend Mr. Elliott for his unselfish position.

Mr. Kirk Elliott is one of St. Lucia’s outstanding photographers who promotes his business via the internet has demonstrated his passion for success and to take others along with him. He is not one who only makes alliances to achieve his objective by sourcing the best in the business but tries to gain knowledge of aspects of the industry that are related to his business. Based on this approach he has achieved success to the point where he can now share his knowledge of Internet Marketing with his fellow St. Lucians without the usual fear of many that persons will take away their idea.

Internet Marketing is the future platform for creating millionaires in St. Lucia. This is being achieved by many in the developed world for many years. Mr. Elliott has as of last Tuesday evening stepped on the international stage as one of the serious players in the field of Internet Marketing. Persons present at the National Insurance Conference Room were given several ideas to make their internet experience more productive and their businesses viable. The opportunity will be given to promoters of the programme to earn a commission on direct sales.

Mr. Elliott will launch an online Business Directory with a difference. The project targets tourism and related services to improve their visibility on the World Wide Web and ultimately improve their bottom line. Subscribers to this service will receive advice from him and his team to ensure that clients get maximum results from their participation in the programme. He is so upbeat about the programme’s success that he is offering a Money Back Guarantee – no questions asked 100% Refund if clients are not satisfied.

Mr. Elliott expects to roll out the project by November 2010 in time for the 2010/2011 tourist season. He did recognize that hotel rooms would have in most cases been booked months in advance but he noted that many other decisions are usually made on the ground.

The Question and Answer period allowed attendees to engage Mr. Elliott in all aspects of his proposal which were all dealt with to the satisfaction of attendees. I was impressed with the level of passion Mr. Elliott exhibited and his exuberance about the project. The project is still being finalized but based on the information shared, the project will make a difference in the way St. Lucia’s products and services are promoted in the Global Village via the World Wide Web.

It was a learning experience for many persons who attended the event. I encourage my readers to be a part of the programme. If you missed the event you can contact with Mr. Elliott at

Someone has to do it and someone will but I am convinced that the process can be advanced at a faster pace than we are moving at a time when speed and accuracy are vital to arresting the economic hardships that we experience. We have the brightest and the best in our midst. Drivers are needed, there are many among us who are capable of leading the process of change. Mr. Elliott has demonstrated that it is possible; he is a leader who beckons others to join him on the stage of progress. I invite you to share your knowledge with Saint Lucians and the peoples of the rest of the world. Many others depend on you.

You will note that I am not at large this weekend. I can’t remember the occasion that I wrote an article on a single topic. There is a good reason to devote this article to a young man who is destined to go places in the fields of Internet Marketing and Motivational Speaking.

Keep the Faith, God is in Charge, Dream Big and expect Daily Miracles!

Edward Harris
Biblicist, Freelance Journalist, Realtor, Business & PR Consultant
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