January 19, 2017




It has been a hectic past week when the Hon. Allen Chastanet led Government had to deal with a number of issues including crime, black mail claim by a Minister, the St. Jude’s hospital reconstruction and the Desert Star Holdings Limited – 2.6 billion US dollar investment.

Most St. Lucians are now convinced that the issue of crime is not something that has recently surfaced. It is a result of years of neglect and a lack of social services and opportunities to keep the minds of the youth off of drugs. The drug business is one business where recruitment seems to be steady and is now shifted to the schools where students are members of gangs and fighting for turf. Something has to be done to remove the focus of our youth from a life of crime to something more in keeping with a lifestyle consistent with the social values which most people seem to have forgotten. Many years ago in one of my columns, I called for leaders in our country to take notice of the declining values of our young people and do something to arrest the situation before it is too late. Now it has almost hit crisis proportion and everyone is concerned.

It is not a new call for our Leaders in all aspects of life to lead by example. But it is human to err and there are provisions in the Bible for their forgiveness through the act of Confession. The Bible states that – if we confess of our sins, God is faithful and just to forgive us. There are those who will claim that this is taken too far when preachers preach on a daily basis against certain sins and will even disfellowship some of their faithful members, end up committing the same sins, and after public outcry are welcomed back into the faith. The clear conclusion therefore is that once we live in a state that subscribes to the Christian Faith, unless someone runs afoul of the law, the Bible must prevail. A final word on this – God is not mocked. Whatever is done in darkness must come to light whether in life or in death. No man can fool God. Can I have an Amen!

Senior Minister, Honourable Guy Joseph, Minister of Economic Development received the report on the problems regarding the completion of the St. Jude’s hospital and promised to prosecute anyone found to be in breach of their  contractual agreement. After spending ninety five million dollars, the hospital is far from completion. In the meantime, the residents of the South continue to wait for better health services.

The Desert Star Holdings Limited mega investment continues to make headlines. In response to Vieux Fort Concerned Citizens Coalition for Change (VFCCCC) and other concerned citizens around the island, this week, the government sought to set the record straight in a Press Conference hosted by Invest St. Lucia, where important aspects of the framework agreement were presented in a Fact Sheet to the public and are now making the rounds in the electronic media. Discussions on the proposed investment are continuing and Hon. Allen Chastanet, Prime Minister is expected to meet with the Developer in London this week. The opportunity will also be taken to meet with members of the Diaspora at the High Commission in London.

On the lighter side, a Meetup group was launched in Vieux Fort, St. Lucia on Wednesday, January 18, 2017 at Lushe Restaurant. It is very important that there are social opportunities available to welcome investors. I am pleased to be the Sponsor of the group. Please visit us at

So many things are happening at the level of government that I must encourage you to return to as my recommended website of the week.

Remember always to Keep the Faith, knowing that God is in Charge – Dream Big and Expect Miracles!

Edward Harris

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