Harris At Large on Sunday! Program: #11

Sunday 12th July, 2020
Harris At Large on Sunday!
Program: #11
Hello Folks!
This Facebook Live Show is coming to you from Black Bay, in the Quarter of Vieux Fort, Saint Lucia where it is an overcast Sunday afternoon at 83 degrees. Your host Edward Harris.
Here is my selected Quote for today:
“They say a person needs just three things to be truly happy in this world: someone to love, something to do, and something to hope for.”
― Tom Bodett
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New Format:
You will notice, I have restructured my programme and I sincerely hope you like the format.
Saint Lucia today:
Saint Lucia – Simply Beautiful & Blessed remains COVID 19 FREE. We are moving forward with the opening up of our island. We no longer have hours of Curfew, however, the State of Emergency remains in place. Everyone is excited about this new development but the argument continues, whether opening up the country at this time was the right thing to do. One of the major concerns is that we opened our borders to the United States of America where there is a surge of the virus in several states when Europe refused to open theirs.
My greatest fear is that our people will feel free and forget that like the State of Emergency continues so we must maintain the established protocols such as – Washing of Hands, Wearing Masks and maintaining Social Distance. When it comes to COVID 19, while we are open to welcoming visitors to our shores, we must not drop our guards. We must be forever vigilant.
Airline Services in the Region. It is now public knowledge that Liat 1974 Ltd. will be no more and six airlines are already lining up to share the opportunity. While there is great urgency to link our islands, there will be some set back if all countries are not opened up to airline traffic at the same time. Based on the various outbreaks of the virus in some countries like Guyana which seems like it will be the last to be opened up to the free flow of regional and international traffic. As a result, progress will be hampered until the virus is contained.
Protocols are in place to monitor all visitors and citizens arriving at our airports and seaports. The larger hotels are already welcoming guests, taxi operators are on the job. Small hotels and guest houses are yet to get back into operations due to their inability to conform to the rigid protocols. Unless some special assistance could be given to these operators, it seems as though it will take some time before they can get back into operations.
Politics in the Region:
The resolution of Guyana Elections which was held on March 2nd, 2020 continues to elude us. We are now into a new week as we continue to hope for a resolution. Last week’s stellar performance by the CCJ in the minds of some people is yet to specifically set out how the matter will be finally resolved. The CEO was instructed through the CCJ and the Chairman of GECOM to present the report based on the recount figures but said nothing about if he fails to deliver, what happens next.
The issue of Suriname’s election recount seems to have been resolved. A President is yet to be sworn in.
Anguilla has a new Premier. It is interesting to note that the former Premier was defeated at the polls by a 27-year-old young lady.
Trinidad and Tobago is currently in election mode.
The major political parties in Saint Lucia are busy naming their candidates for the next general elections. Will the bell be rung this year or next year? It is anyone’s guess?
Politics in the USA.
President Donald J. Trump has finally got around to wearing a mask. It would be great if he will continue to use a mask to show leadership if not to guard himself against the virus. There is no guessing about the powers of President Trump – Roger Stone is now FREE! President Trump commuted his prison sentence.
VP Joe Biden, the current Democratic Presidential Candidate is moving ahead with his campaign, and the polls are showing a clear path for a Democratic Party win this November.
Staying Alive Financially:
Last week, I alluded to the fact that Money is the one thing that keeps me up at night. If the current situation has taught us anything, it is that – at least one additional source of income is necessary to ensure that we have income continuity. Regardless of whether you are employed in the private or public sector – Multiple Streams of Income is the way to go.
Look for at least one opportunity to earn additional income. Here are some options:
Google Search will assist you with finding a service – Search for the top 100 Home Based Businesses in the USA, and if you wish to sell a product using the MLM global business model, try searching for the top 100 MLM companies in the USA. The MLM business gives you financial and time freedom supported by residual income. The MLM industry gives you access to customers globally. Training will be provided by your selected company, apart from the fact that training is available all over the internet. More than 20 million people are involved in the MLM business in the USA with sales of 36 billion dollars. These are very impressive figures. However, to succeed in this business, you have to inform and educate yourself about the Industry.
Visit www.aarp.org/MLMaware for industry information. You can be numbered in the 27% really successful individuals. Don’t just rush to join an opportunity because you receive a phone call from someone who just joined a company. Another thing to remember is never push a customer to become a member of your down line. Pre-qualify them.

Youtube can be a source for finding opportunities and get first-class training. The past 4 months have provided us with a wonderful opportunity to inform and educate ourselves. If you have not done so as yet, you are not too late. Begin today to take control of your financial future.
Remember Sceptics never win. There is risk in every business/investment. Knowledge is power but only when put into action.
Finally, given the progress made in the MLM industry – over 20 million people involved in the industry with sales of 36 Billion in the USA alone, it is time for us in the Caribbean to design our own MLM programme to meet our needs and remove ourselves from the unscrupulous promoters in the industry.
Let us continue to pray for guidance as we navigate these trying times. Keep the Faith, always believing that God is in charge.
Stay safe, until next week.
Your host – Ed Harris

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