Harris at Large on Sunday – Program 12

Sunday 19th July, 2020
Harris At Large on Sunday!
Program: #12
Hello Folks!
This Facebook Live Show is coming to you from Black Bay, in the Quarter of Vieux Fort, Saint Lucia. I am your host – Edward Harris.
Here is my selected Quote for today:
“The greatest glory in living lies not in never failing, but in rising every time we fail.” – Nelson Mandela
Today, I am going to be brief with my round up on happenings in the USA and the Caribbean. I have a serious recommendation for a Side Hustle and our attitude in dealing with matters of our financial security.
The notes of my weekly programme are posted on my archive at www.stluciasimplybeautiful.com It is important that you check out this week’s post which will be posted before the end of the afternoon. While visiting you can catch up on over 400 of my articles archived on the site.
Saint Lucia today:
Saint Lucia – Simply Beautiful & Blessed remains COVID 19 Death FREE. We are settling in to welcoming visitors while keeping our eyes wide open to developments around us. Many Saint Lucians have adapted to the wearing of masks once they are away from their homes, and not only when entering enclosed spaces. Wearing mask does seem to be the most effective way of controlling COVID 19.
Airline Services in the Region.
Regarding airlines in the region, we continue to look forward to some movement in this area towards the end of the month. It is my considered opinion that Caribbean Airways should be the first to step in to assist with moving tourists and residents within the region.
Politics in the Region:
The elections in Suriname are now behind us and President Chanderika Santokhi has acceded the leadership of the country.
Guyana elections remain unresolved, returning to the high court once again, attempting to use votes produced by Mr. Mingo when the CCJ ruled that the recounted votes are the votes to be used in the final declaration.
Politics in the USA.
In the past few days, America lost two outstanding Black activists of the American Civil Rights Movement, namely Congressman John Robert Lewis who died at the promised age of 80 and Rev. Cordy Tindell at 95. Congressman John Lewis joined the struggle as a youth, working closely with Dr. Martin Luther King. These two icons will be surely missed.
President Donald J. Trump continues to ignore the advice of the Medical taskforce on COVID 19, and operates as though the pandemic is in another country. Leadership is truly lacking. The good news for America is that President Donald J. Trump is slipping in the polls.
Staying Alive Financially:
Skeptics never win. Today, I will share some thoughts with you that will awaken you to the reality of investing. Be aware that there is an element of risk in every area of investment, some greater than others.
Last week, I recommended that in order to stay alive financially in today’s world, the average salaried persons needs at least one additional stream of income, also known as Side Hustle. The source of your additional income must be formidable and sustainable, with the possibility of becoming your main source of income in time.
While someone could get involved in offering several Home Based services, it is the MLM industry which is most rewarding providing you apply the system recommended by your company, and supplemented by other trainers. There are many current success stories in this industry but you must understand the road map to success. While in today’s world there seems to be more trainers than students, I take this opportunity to introduce to you, one of the best trainers I know – Mr. Max Steingart. Go to www.maxsteingart.com You can also find his training videos on Youtube. I also recommend you join his mailing list.
MLM, like any other business has risks and some may argue that it is one of the most risky in turning a profit. My experience has thought me, especially when you have to import tangible products such as Supplements, not to get involved with such companies, but rather to seek out digital products which only came on the market in recent years. In the past, MLM companies were obliged to offer only tangible products, if they were to be considered as legitimate businesses rather than a pyramid schemes. However, digital products came along in the 21st Century, most of which were in the travel industry, offering travel and holiday packages. In more recent times Forex was introduced and the few companies involved in that area of activity are doing extremely well. Generally speaking quite a substantial amount of individuals are earning between US$ 500. – 1,000.00 per month, especially with two Forex MLM companies namely IML and Tradera, the latter being less expensive to join.
I believe in taking the greatest risk for the greatest rewards and it is for that reason, I have ended up in companies, where I started off on the ground floor but never rose above the foundation. That is OK, because if they were successful, I could have easily become a leader. I continued to be hopeful that a company that offers a suite of products that are in demand and delivered digitally will emerge. I feel that I finally found such a company which gives me an opportunity to start off at the founders’ level and is yet to be launched. It doesn’t get any better. It all happened a week ago as a result of this show when an attendee introduced me to this Life Changing Company. I like offering value for money which is the only means of maintaining the interest of your customers while guaranteeing a sustainable business/income.
An unscrupulous trend has emerged in recent years where everything is a scam and this tactic has been used a lot in the MLM industry. It is easy to conclude that the MLM industry has it fair share of Scammers. It is rumoured that approximately 200 MLM companies go belly up every month. However, apart from the low success rate, the MLM industry continues to thrive. What I am saying is simple, we must be able to evaluate the opportunity, leaving aside what is written about the company’s leaders past involvement and participate in their opportunity if you feel the offering is legitimate and the products are outstanding.
It is with the forgoing considerations that I invite you to investigate an offering which has attracted me – GoFounders/Onpassive. Please check out their introduction at www. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_jSV3qsLgA&t=23s
Hereunder is the suite of products.
1. Advertising – to drive business and attract customers
2. Artificial Intelligence (AI)– the Backbone of ONPASSIVE’s automation systems
3. Calendar Schedule – integrated event scheduling platform
4. Chat – a communication platform
5. Contact Manager – for bulk email and advertising
6. Crowd Funding – a platform for creating a crowd-fund account personal to the customer
7. Daily Funnel – a new funnel every day to provide traffic to your site
8. Digital Marketing – a platform using AI to digitally advertise
9. Domain Name – a name for your site, chosen by you and branded to you
10. Email Marketing – campaigns to brand our customers
11. Flexible Wallets – digital wallets to accommodate finances: crypto, fiat, bank cards, etc.
12. Give Back Fund – a voluntary fund set up for giving charitable donations
13. GoFounders– the Community of ONPASSIVE Leader Founders
14. Guaranteed Targeted Visitors – website visitors targeted by interest or market
15. Ip Tracker – a tool that provides a hostname, location, and other info about an IP address
16. Liquid Hosting / Liquid Responsive Designs – website layout and hosting design that automatically adjusts to screen resolution and provides scalability.
17. Live Events – Communication events, like webinars or video hosting, hosted in real-time
18. Market Place – a single place to access and purchase IT commodities and services
19. Mass Bulk Mailing – ability to send email to large groups in a single mailing
20. Mass Marketing Campaigns – campaigns that appeal to an entire market
21. Merchants and Cards – Bank accounts with cards that accept payments through them
22. Millionaires Club – the club with only ONPASSIVE millionaires as its members
23. Multi-Businesses – the ability to host multiple businesses under a single “umbrella”
24. Office Abroad 1000 – Total Global Leaders as based on attaining certain criteria
25. ONPASSIVE Webinar – ONPASSIVE’s proprietary webinar platform
26. Payment Transfers – the ability to transfer ONPASSIVE funding internally and externally
27. Print Shop – tools for creating marketing materials
I cannot over emphasise the point that the protocols in dealing with COVID 19 must be maintained. Continue to wash your hands, wear masks, and maintain social distancing.
Keep the Faith, God is in Charge, and Expect Miracles.
Stay safe, until next week.
Your host – Ed Harris

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