Harris At Large on Sunday! Program: #13

Sunday 26th July, 2020
Harris At Large on Sunday!
Program: #13
Hello Folks!
Happy Sunday! This Facebook Live Show is coming to you from Black Bay, in the Quarter of Vieux Fort, Saint Lucia. Your Host is Edward Harris.
Here is my selected Quote for today:
“I know without a doubt that our country and world will survive this pandemic. And just like our broken family, this broken world will be way more beautiful.”
Vicki Bunke

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The notes of my weekly programme are posted on my archive at www.stluciasimplybeautiful.com While visiting you can catch up on over 400 of my articles archived on the site.
Saint Lucia today:
We are sincerely grateful to our heavenly Father for sparing us the passage of Tropical Storm Gonzalo over our beautiful Island. To Yahweh be the glory! We pray that in general our sister islands will be spared as well.
With the arrival of returning residents from the cruise ships and other reasons for being overseas, our attention is drawn to a increased numbers in cases of COVID 19 – 24 at the moment. We must be concerned and continue to pray for total recovery of all patients.
You will recall that last week, I amended my position that instead of saying St. Lucia is COVID 19 Free, I said that St. Lucia is COVID 19 Death Free. The reality is that there have been reported cases of the virus but no deaths.
Let us continue to adhere to the protocols, in particular wearing mask, washing of hands and maintaining social distancing. In the USA, the possibility of wearing of mask in the home is being discussed. Wearing of mask stands out as one of the most effective ways to control the virus.
Happenings around the region:
The withdrawal of Liat 1974 services continues to engage our attention. Base on recent discussion among shareholder governments, it is hoped that Liat will return to the skies in 90 days. This seems ambitious but possible. In the meantime, Caribbean Airways is preparing to service the main routes.
My attention is drawn to Trinidad & Tobago for the opening up of their airports to airline passengers. Hopefully, the latter part of this new week should bring us some good news in this regard bearing in mind elections are around the corner.
In the meantime, flights from the USA and England are flying into Hewanorra International Airport, St. Lucia with citizens and tourists, under the supervision of Health professionals, executing the agreed protocols.
In the past week Mr. Keith Lowenfield was brought before the court on charges for presenting fraudulent recount figures to GECOM, and was placed on G$450,000.00 bail.
As I prepared the notes for today’s programme, I listened to the arguments of lawyers and Senior Counsels on both sides as they argued the Appeal on the issue of vote count in the Guyana elections of March 2, 2020 which remain unresolved.
It would be interesting to hear the outcome of the matter when the ruling is announced on Thursday of this week. Will it end this time around??? It is anyone’s guess.
In the meantime, Guyana continues to suffer from irreparable damage to its reputation and economy. Time is not on the peoples’ side. The Chairperson of GECOM must act at the earliest.
President Trump seeks to execute his promise to send federal agents’ to cities where there are protests like he did in Portland. In the meantime, he continues to slip in the polls.
His position on COVID 19 virus, though amended in some way has come too late. Nothing is going his way, even his Convention has been called off due to COVID 19. Nothing is going right with the Donald. Are you ready to call the winner of the upcoming USA Presidential election?
This week will see continuing celebrations on the life of Congressman John Lewis. What dedication, what achievements, what a life??? His life was truly exemplary.
Staying Alive Financially:
Last week I did my best to share with you my thoughts on a side hustle whether it is a tangible or intangible offering. My choice continues to be intangible – a digital offering using the MLM business model. “MLM is the only hope of the little man” – this quote is by Rod Cook. Whether you take the position that MLM businesses fall in the category of Pyramid or Ponzi scheme on the one hand, or a legitimate business on the other, it is your right. However, there can be no real argument against the legitimacy of the MLM business model. With companies operating for over 70 years, producing sales of over 36 billion US dollars with an excess of 20 million persons involved in the industry, there must be some merit to this business.
Sceptics never win. Rather than rejecting the mouse trap, let us build a better mouse trap. The time has come for us as Caribbean people to build our own mouse trap. That is what innovation also does. I am willing and ready to participate in a unique opportunity to establish the 1st MLM company in the region.
It was a pleasure listening to Lever Went on his Facebook Live post last evening when he held an open discussion about the MLM industry, misconceptions, pros and cons. He shared his 20 years of experience in the industry. You can check out the programme at www.facebook.com/eaharrisdestiny posted 25/7/20.
Whatever your decision, I hope you explore every opportunity to get a side hustle. I am always here to help if called upon. That opportunity is available to all my subscribers.
Next week we will discuss investing in income property in St. Lucia
Keep the faith, Yahweh is in charge, expect daily Miracles and pray!
Stay safe, until next week.
Your host – Ed Harris

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