An Island Lifestyle Awaits You – Whether for Business Or Pleasure!


April 2021

An Island Lifestyle Awaits You – Whether for Business Or Pleasure!

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“Don’t wait to buy real estate, buy real estate and wait.” T. Harv Eker.

We are at the beginning of the 2nd quarter of 2021 and are ready to declare, we have the deals. Unlike the USA, Saint Lucia’s property inventory is solid in all categories, – Residential, Commercial, Industrial, and Touristic Properties.

Saint Lucia stands out as a unique destination for business, pleasure, and retirement. We invite you to share in our wonderful lifestyle where working remotely can be a joy to experience. Our Citizen by Investment Programme is world-class.

We are ready to receive offers on some very attractive properties in the North and South of the island. In the North, we have an apartment building – 2 levels at EC$30K/US$129K, and beachfront Land in Cap Estate at EC$30/40.00/US$11.00/14.72 per sqft. In the South of the island, we have Guest Houses, Commercial buildings, and residential and industrial lands.

It is now time to make your move. Our mortgage rates at this time are at their lowest. Investors are few and the banks are ready to make genuine offers to serious enquirers. It is a guaranteed situation that can yield immediate equity as high as 50%. I have in my portfolio, a lot of great deals for investors willing to invest upward of US$750K. You can check out some of our offerings at and take advantage of our free e-books.

It is recommended that serious thought be given to your investment future, especially as you seek to build generational wealth. Real estate can be the surest investment you will ever make. We offer FREE initial Consultancy. You are invited to take advantage of this offer, especially if you plan to establish a business on the island.

Welcome to St. Lucia – Simply Beautiful!


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