April 1, 2021

Harris at Large!


“There’s no harm in hoping for the best as long as you’re prepared for the worst.” Stephen King

It is that time of year when Christians everywhere celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. There is no other time in our lifetime that can be associated with this current time. Easter will not be the same. Many religious leaders are suggesting that these are the end times and Jesus will put in his appearance very soon. I have been hearing the end of time, doomsday preaching since I was a boy. Now I am an old man. I fully agree with anyone who claims that these are not ordinary times, but this is definitely not the end.

The COVID 19 pandemic is still with us. This time last year Saint Lucia was under Curfew with attendant protocols, and the world was without answers as to what the future holds. Today, we are in a much better place with access to vaccines, and we know for a fact that the virus can be controlled by the washing of hands, wearing of masks and maintaining social distancing. However, like in most things in life when persons are told by the authorities to adhere to certain instructions, they do everything in their power to circumvent those instructions. We are currently hearing about a surge in the COVID 19 virus with all the possible variants invading the United States of America. The overwhelming evidence shows that mass crowd events can create surges in cases as exist in the USA at this time. Everything is being done in St. Lucia to prevent the further spread of the virus due to mass crowd events. We should be patient and assist in ensuring that we do everything necessary to control this deadly virus.

There is never a period without uncertainty and anxiety in the lives of those of us who live in this complex world. While we continue to be concerned about COVID 19 and the toll it is taking on us, we are now confronted with the thought of a possible eruption of the La Soufriere Volcano in St. Vincent & The Grenadines. It is definitely weighing on the minds of the residents of SVG and Saint Lucia.  Already, the Government of St. Lucia has begun to put arrangements in place not only for its residents but also in the event we have to open our doors to our neighbours in their hour of need. St. Lucia in recent years has been fortunate to escape the ravages of storms, and other acts of God. This is a period of fasting and praying. The prayers of the faithful saints in our midst are in most cases heard in heaven, for the prayers of the righteous availeth much. Let us pray that we may be spared of the impending eruption. This Sunday, voices will be lifted up in worship services islandwide as Easter is being celebrated around the world.

What’s next? No one can predict the future with any precision. If there is any time that without a doubt as to who is in charge, it is now. The mixed signals due to the posture of men, denying the will of God caused men to shift their allegiance away from God but today God is glorified and more persons are turning to him seeking forgiveness from their sins, and proclaiming the power of salvation. What a privilege it is to serve a risen saviour? Be still and know that God is in charge. The Bible declares that no one cometh to the Father but by the Son.

More persons are mentioning the name of God in their conversations. Families are healing because of the Good news. The times are not what appear on the surface. Look deeper and you will see that in spite of these turbulent times, the prospects are that we are heading towards better global collaborations beginning with the COVID 19 pandemic.

Have a blessed Easter!

Stay safe. Remember Always, Yahweh is in charge; dream big and expect daily Miracles!

Edward Harris

Freelance Journalist/Realtor/Business Consultant



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