August 26, 2021


“This pandemic has magnified every existing inequality in our society – like systemic racism, gender inequality, and poverty,” said Melinda Gates

Let us encourage each other to do the right thing. We are heading down a road where unless Yahweh puts a hand, it will be chaos. Many among us insist upon maintaining their democratic right to do as they please when it comes to taking the vaccine, even at the risk of others. The science is clear. Those who are vaccinated stand a better chance of staying out of the hospital, than those who are not. The statistics show that as much as ninety-seven (97) percent of persons who are hospitalised are unvaccinated.

While cases of COVID 19 pandemic continue to surge, there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved the Pfizer vaccine, and the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is showing great promise for its booster shot which is supposed to strengthen immunity. I feel that many people who were hesitant to be vaccinated will now have a change of heart. This scourge will at some point give the people of the world a break. We can be confident that   help is around the corner, and COVID 19 will not be allowed to bring the curtains down on our dreams for an abundant life and a better world.

It finally happened. Former President, Donald J. Trump recommended taking the vaccine to his followers at a rally at Cullman, Alabama on Saturday 21st August, 2021. Now that he has acknowledged that he took the vaccine and recommended that his followers be vaccinated, where do the anti-vaxxers stand now? Will “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) members fall in line or continue to refuse to take the vaccine? There are indications that some MAGA members are feeling a sense of betrayal, to the point where they booed him. Only time will tell.

If the current situation is not checked, the issue of mandatory vaccination will have to be brought to the fore and serious steps may have to be considered to assist in saving lives. To do nothing and allow Herd Immunity to take its course seems too costly an alternative to be considered. We have to pray that with the all out assault against Anti-Vaxxers coming from governments, medical professionals, media, and influencers including celebrities, there can be a turn around by enough persons for countries to arrive at the 70-85 percent vaccination level to achieve herd immunity in the shortest possible time.

The situation in Saint Lucia is somewhat manageable as apart from social media shares, the voices of Ant-Vaxxers have been somewhat subdued. There are so many crazy ideas about possible cure for COVID 19 that persons are even encouraged to use drugs that are intended for animals. How can intelligent human beings subject themselves to such an unscientific recommendation? There is no scientific validity to this recommendation. Let us stand with the science.

Here is my story about Vaccination. I was plagued with influenza for most of my life until five years ago when at a Community Clinic Day in Black Bay, the opportunity was presented to me to get a Flu Shot. After reasoning with myself for a short while, I decided to take the shot and from getting a serious flu a minimum of 4 times per year, I don’t bother about the incidents of Flu anymore. When AstraZeneca vaccine was introduced to St. Lucians, I had no difficulty after reasoning with myself. I feel very pleased with my decision so far. I will stick with the SCIENCE. I have always taken the advice of my doctor and willingly take whatever is prescribed. I am not about to do otherwise at this stage in my life. Do what is right for the sake of yourself and others.

COVID 19 will take us where we want to go – the choice is ours!

Keep the faith, Yahweh is in charge. We shall overcome.

Edward Harris

Freelance Journalist/Realtor/Business Consultant

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