“And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.” – Hebrews 13:16
When my son Bevan suggested to me last weekend: “Maybe a column on walking,” I paused and replied “Oh, OK.”
The indelible memory of my last friendly cricket match 40 years ago against Barclays Bank in Barbados came to the fore.
My two young sons were on my company’s team. It was my first match for a few years, and I spent forever that night relaxing my weary muscles in the bathtub. Also, it signaled the start of my intention to walk daily and it has worked well over the years. Some days the need for more sleep, a genuine desire to lie in or inclement weather, intervenes.
The benefits of walking have been abundant in boosting my holistic health. There is much to share business-wise, mentally, physically, socially, spiritually.
I have either walked alone or with family or friends on the beach, across the golf course, within botanical gardens, around a park, through the neighborhood, in hilly terrain, over and away, with a plethora of positive memories.
Many a difficult business challenge, financial or otherwise, has been resolved as I walked alone or listened to the responses and questions from my walking partners. I have met many strangers who have become friends.
There are four positive belief systems which are the drivers in my life: ambition, self-confidence, good relationships, and security in the sense of the maintenance of a robust family parachute which is well maintained.
As a self-check, I monitor these four systems regularly when walking and take corrective action where necessary.
In the days when I was a regular public speaker, the inspiration for many a speech would come from the serene, idyllic, tranquil environment and the composition would gel as I talked aloud in the open air.
One of the most satisfying experiences walking on an empty beach is being able to use the full extent of my vocabulary to release frustration without an audience.
I am preventive health-conscious and promote good nutrition, sleep, exercise, hugs, and peace of mind as a basic package for all human beings.
At my semiannual visits for preventive medical checkouts, my doctors keep advising me that my blood pressure is excellent and encourage me to “keep on doing what you are doing, and keep up the regular walking regime”, especially after my coronary artery bypass graft nearly 24 years ago.
Now that outdoor walking exercise is permitted in Trinidad, my only challenge is to get rid of the COVID-19 midriff bulge. If only I can apply the discipline of my weekly column and walking regime to a daily balanced nutrition program.
Walking visits with family, friends and fellow Rotarians and their families are the epitome of socialization. There is no limit to sharing ideas and fostering an environment of decency, elegance and good taste.
There is a significant spiritual wash that can be experienced when in touch with Mother Nature, with the many therapeutic benefits of sea water, including buoyantly floating on your back absorbing the spectacle of the blue sky above. Walking on soft but firm sand, enjoying the flora in the Trinidad botanical gardens, and the melodic birdsong of the early morning are each gifts and benefits.
The opportunity to reflect on my experiences from the discipline of walking has brought back several memories. I hope that, by sharing them, your lives may be equally enriched.

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