October 28, 2021


“The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new.” — Socrates

The winning game appears to be played by many unscrupulous individuals who apply the survival of the fittest strategy. In an environment that no longer conforms to the ethical norms of yesterday, the new buzz phrase is BUSINESS UNUSUAL. Industry leaders loudly boast that things will never be the same, so it is time we conform to the new normal which is being imposed upon us. As I see it, the new normal is – that the only thing that matters is Money.

This scripture which was not known to many is now revealed. “A feast is made for laughter, and wine maketh merry but money answereth all things.” Ecclesiastes 10:19. It is the truth that will always set us free. This knowledge was hidden from the masses and those who were privileged to get this information have used it to exploit others. The wealth gap has been substantially widened in the past two decades. Knowledge has increased; with the introduction of technology, economic development has been on steroids and industrial advancement has moved ahead with unparallel speed. The advancements at all levels that have been made in recent years have been phenomenal. Artificial Intelligence is changing the industrial landscape and with every passing day, we feel the impact of cutting-edge technologies as they change the way business is done. Imagine what the economic landscape could have been without COVID 19?

Those who plan to get ahead must commit to doing things differently, always focused on the fact that there will be no return to the way things used to be. Moving forward, it will be Business Unusual especially with those business persons who have entered the Reset stage that is already contributing to this new system.

The question that industry leaders are currently asking themselves is – why are so many people not returning to their usual jobs? The real answer is that they are looking for something outside of the normal. Up until COVID 19, too many employers failed to give their workers real opportunities to develop themselves. When work from home was introduced by many firms, employees’ eyes were opened and for the first time, many saw that life could be different and both sides can coexist. COVID 19 brought about an awareness that workers can get a better deal. Now the US government has joined the debate and seeking out opportunities to make life more palatable for their citizens. There will be assistance for child care and other social benefits to ease the physical and financial burden on parents, especially for single parents.

We must not shy away from the many reasons why employees are not returning to work in the expected numbers. Many have found better ways that fuel their passion and create new opportunities for establishing home-based businesses. Another reason is spending quality time with family. Sober minded families are enjoying this period very much. Things they never did are being done. Many are experiencing life in a manner, they never thought possible. There is a higher meaning to life.

It is interesting to note, the value placed on employees where companies are willing to offer Incentives upfront to new employees. Imagine receiving CASH for accepting a job? That is definitely not the norm but it is a sign of the times – Business Unusual.

Executives and other employees are now able to exercise options by moving to cities that they only read about and are even able to request to work remotely from overseas. How quickly life has changed, affording many persons to live life on their own terms. The people will win in the end. We await with baited breath for an end of the twists and turns in the governance of the United States of America as Democrats and Republicans settle down to serving their citizens and by extension the citizens of the world. Next year, there will be many water shed moments for the United States of America. The far reaching, transformative plans envisaged under President Biden’s administration when unfold will bring joy to the world. It is a great time to be alive. Do everything to get more out of life. You deserve it. I can’t wait.

It is reassuring to note that efforts to bring COVID 19 under control are showing signs of progress. Let us not hasten to step out and begin to celebrate but rather employ restraint and watch and pray that all will be well. Keep the Faith, Stay Safe, we will rise again.

Edward Harris

Freelance Journalist/Realtor/Business Consultant





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