November 4, 2021


“When you make a choice, you change the future.”–Deepak Chopra

Anyone following the political developments in the USA, after the events of January 6, 2021, would have thought that it is the Republicans that will need a Reset to hit the road again. Instead what we saw after the COVID 19 Relief Bill that assisted poor families and helped small businesses, the honeymoon was over for President Biden.

In recent months, Senators, Joe Manchin, D-W. Va and Kyrsten Sinema, D-Ariz emerged, and ever since the Democrats are caught in a battle among themselves and it appears that nothing is being done in the Senate. What is being demonstrated is division among Democrats without the Republicans having to lift a finger. It is sad to see after America was salvaged from the disruptiveness of President Donald Trump; the party that came to the rescue of the nation, no longer has the will to move forward, with obstacle after obstacle placed in the way of progress. When President Biden set off on his overseas trip to meet Pope Francis in Rome and attend the COP26 conference in Scotland, where in the latter instance, he was left empty handed with nothing tangible to present to other world leaders on the important subject of climate change.

As President Biden’s Air Force One was taxiing down the runway having returned from his overseas trip, the Breaking News was that the Virginia Governor’s race was safely in the hands of the Republicans with a Glenn Youngkin’s win over former democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe, and the New Jersey race was too close to call. Finally, on Wednesday night, after a long struggle, the New Jersey race was declared in favour of incumbent Democratic Governor, Phil Murphy which brought some form of relief to President Biden. This is not going well for President Biden. He saw none of the fall out   coming as he predicted a win for former Governor Mc Auliffe of Virginia prior to his departure for home, and everyone expected a walkover in New Jersey.

The people did not send the Democrats to Washington to stall their platform promises. I feel for President Biden but he came to the job with great and honourable intentions which are not relevant in these times. The rules as they relate to politics in today’s world are totally different from what President Biden wants to achieve. There can be no negotiation across the aisle when it is the stated position of the GOP to ensure nothing is achieved by Democrats leading up to the midterm in 2022. The Filibuster must be removed now. I feel that Representative Jim Clyburn needs to once again confront President Biden with some straight talk – that it is time for urgent and decisive action.

It is interesting to note that while the Democrats are trying to legislate at the Federal level, the Republicans are rushing ahead and legislating at the State Level as they have done with Voting and Abortion Bills which are preparing most major red states for a Republican win in 2024 under their terms. President Biden must do more in involving himself in the affairs of the House and Senate and change his strategy for dealing with the Republicans, and treat them in the same way they treated his Democratic predecessors, especially President Barack Obama where Senator Mitch Mc Connell openly stated his non co-operation with the first Obama administration which went on to serve two terms.

It is time for open warfare as Democrats prepare for the 2022 midterm. If nothing changes in their approach to dealing with issues that are put on the table by Republicans, the Biden’s presidency will be ruined. What urgent bills are there to be tabled and passed? It should be a commitment from all   Democrats to get them passed by the end of the first quarter of 2022. On whose side are Senators Manchin and Sinema? I suspect that they are heading to be Independents in the future. There are many lessons to be learnt from both sides of the aisle as it relates to the new style of politics adopted by Democrats and Republicans alike. Trumpism seems to be alive and well.

The 5 – 11 age group are all set to receive the Pfizer vaccine as the general feeling is that the USA is about to turn the corner on the COVID 19 pandemic. This is great news if people will apply restraint by not rushing to expose themselves and allow for a gradual return to normalcy.

Our Prime Minister, Hon. Philip J. Pierre’s presentation at the COP26 Conference in Scotland was well received and his commitment to “Putting People First” echoed across the world.

It is necessary for us to continue to adhere to the COVID 19 protocols and stay away from crowds so that the gains that we are continuing to make will be sustained.

Stay Safe. Remember that it is the will of Yahweh that above all things that we should be in health.

Edward Harris

Freelance Journalist/Realtor/Business Consultant






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